See how I make some of my more popular items

Making an apple

This was my first attempt at making a video of my work on the lathe. Music is incredibly annoying and apologies for the abrupt end! Enjoy.

Turning a yew pear

A spindle gouge is used to shape a pear from a piece of yew. The stem is turned from wenge, a hard dense dark African wood.  The final pear is sanded to 600 grit and sealed with cellulose sealant and finished with yorkshire grit, before being finally polished to a high lustre on my buffing system

A spalted beech bowl

I had great fun turning this 9″ bowl from a beautiful piece of Yorkshire-grown spalted beech. The distinctive markings, created by fungus growing through veins in the wood, make for a lovely bowl. Watching the inside of the bowl being gouged out is quite hypnotic.

Turning a Yarn Bowl

Perhaps my signature piece – I’ve made over 100 of these! Two bowl blanks are glued together and then its just a case of shaping the outside and gouging out the inside of the bowl. The first time I made one it took over an hour to gouge out the inside – now I can complete it in around 10 minutes! Progress.

The final bowl is around 8 inches across and 5 inches deep

Making a Segmented Pen

I had been making pens for some time before I decided to try creating a segmented version. Choosing the woods to use is half the battle and it’s always a revelation when the rough pieces are turned to round revealing the glorious grain of the individual pieces. I sand to  2500 grit before sealing and polishing the pen.

Turning a floral bowl

The video shows a wide rimmed shallow bowl being turned and then ebonised with lacquer. I then  use an air brush to push paints into the shape of petals around the edge of the bowl, before finally turning out the centre of the bowl.

Making an eccentric Tea-light

Off-centre turning is used here to give a unique shape to a traditional tea light. The wood is moved off-centre in the chuck and, as it spins, the trick is to cut through the “ghost” image of the wood. Often referred to as cutting air!

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